In Arcadia Ego

In our search for the lost paradise. the hidden eden, we want to recreate some innocent age, where nature is bountiful and animals cohabit in peace and harmony. We want to achieve all encompassing knowledge and experience.

A modern day Pantagruel, our self needs entertaining, filling, experiencing.

By recreating an artificial paradise in the heart of the home counties we transform chaotic and cruel nature into something controlled, ordered, enclosed.With the enclosures, We want to put distance between our proud self and our instincts. We want to forget that we shit, we eat, we sleep,just like any other zebra.

The artificial paradise but not as Baudelaire imagined them.

_DSC4329 _DSC4429 _DSC4426 _DSC4396 _DSC4380 _DSC4373 _DSC4364 _DSC4349 _DSC4295 _DSC4289 _DSC4287 _DSC4286

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